Sync Inc.


We carry a deep passion for music. We utilize this passion to build a custom sound for your project.


Bespoke Work.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, game developer, brand, podcast developer or content creator; We understand the importance of having the right sound to bring your project to life, and we take pride in our ability to create original and engaging music.

It includes everything from composing and arranging to recording and mixing. Whether you’re looking for orchestral scores or electronic beats, we have you covered.


Catalog Music.

With our music catalog, we want to give you easy access to high-quality music. We give high priority to metadata tagging, to make songs simple to find through the search engine. 

Our catalog of music is curated to fit a variety of moods, genres, and themes. Whether you need music for a documentary, a commercial, a film, or a podcast, we have a wide range of options. We’ve made sure to make the licensing process simple. Send us an email for more info.


Sound Design.

Sound design goes further than just music. We see sound design as a broader way of approaching audio.

It could be formulating the complete approach to a game; from voices to SFX to the interactive way of implementing the music in a dynamic matter. Think about adding rain to a commercial to set the mood, squeaking doors to your horror movie to build a cutting tension, or building atmosphere to sketch a realistic image of the scene’s location.


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Meet The Team.

Sync Inc. was founded by Remy Borsboom and Kevin Verlouw. Remy and Kevin developed their musical skills at the Rockacademie, with Remy specializing in music production and Kevin in songwriting. Their passion for music combined with their experience in the industry, allows them to create music on deeper levels and breathe life into every project they undertake.

Kevin Verlouw

Co-founder // Songwriter
- De Nachtwakers -

Remy Borsboom

Co-founder // Producer
- Remy Cooper -

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