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We Build Soundtracks

At Sync Inc. we carry a deep passion for music. We utilize this passion to create custom audio for your project.

What We Create.



A soundtrack captures the essence of your game and makes someone feel connected to the story you are telling. A soundtrack is recognizable and gives your game not just visual authenticity, but auditive authenticity. Capturing the feel of your game through music will give your game the value it deserves and the immersive experience your players are looking for.



To feel excitement in a battle, to feel mystery surrounding you while exploring or to get an eerie feeling when entering a certain area is the total package. To have themes and cues for certain moments will give your players the full experience. We will make sure every theme accommodates and harmonizes with the soundtrack, whilst also having its own distinctive music. Timing and dosage is everything, each theme and sound needs to be impactful everytime you hear it. We are happy to help you with implementation if needed!




Your soundtrack is important, but to have a distinctive sound throughout your game will really make your game stand out. A swinging sword or a person walking never sounds the same. We offer you sfx that suits the soundtrack and that will be mixed/mastered the same way as the soundtrack. This way everything in your game will have a distinguished sound, giving an even more engaging experience to your players.


About Us.

The best things come out of working together. At Sync Inc. we have joined forces to get the most out of ourselves, which in turn gives the most to our clients. We both studied music at the renowned Rockacademy in the Netherlands. Remy studied music production and Kevin studied songwriting. Both have a career in music, but have also embarked on journeys besides their musical career. Their shared passion for entrepreneurship have resulted in Sync Inc.

Kevin is a songwriter and composer. He has become skilled at bridging the gap between the worlds of visual media and music, bringing a unique perspective to his work. He has written for many artists and also makes music himself. Besides making music, he is a visual director. He works at a TV show in Holland and directs numerous major live events, often involving music. This has given him a knack for storytelling that he can implement in his music. Oh, he also loves gaming so when he won’t pick up his phone, he is probably fully engaged with his headset on.

Favourite Games: God of War, Red Dead Redemption

Remy is an experienced producer. As an audio lead at a game development company he has gained loads of experience on how game audio works and how to implement it. He is skilled at building sounds and creating an end product that is distinguishable and polished. He is a true library and plug-in collector and knows exactly what to choose when it comes to sounds and instruments. Next to that he has worked with numerous artists in the industry, giving him a great musical palate to choose from. He has released his own music, but has also produced music for other musicians, making him a great producer to work with.

Favourite Games: Call Of Duty, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Hogwarts Legacy

Our Process.

Phase 1.


First we get as much information about your needs as possible. Good preparation means half the work so we want to make sure we get the full idea before we start creating anything. What feel do you want the music to have, how dynamic does the soundtrack need to be or do you have any references we can use? We will also tick all the practical boxes. What is possible within your budget, can we see the game or play it, or how much time it will take given your wishes and deadline? We will negotiate a license and fee and work with a no-cure, no pay deal. 

Phase 2.


Kevin will take the first creative steps as our songwriter/composer. He will compose and arrange the soundtrack as meticulously as possible. He will pick the instruments and sounds, and will start arranging the first version of your soundtrack. He is especially good at creating something that will be recognizable. Something you will hear and instantly makes you think about your game. If you want theme’s as well, Kevin will make sure the theme’s accommodate and harmonize with the soundtrack. After Kevin has created the first version, he will send all the stems, recordings and files to Remy.

Phase 3.


Remy will take the next step and will start polishing the soundtrack. Instead of picking the instruments, he will make sure the best version of that instrument is implemented in your soundtrack. As he doesn’t have to arrange and write everything, he really can go into detail. He will create a distinguished sound and will implement his own vision on what Kevin has already created. Perhaps he will change a few notes here and there, but foremost he will create your end product. If you need sfx or particular sounds, Remy is also your man. He will craft everything you need in his studio and make sure all the audio is mixed and mastered the same way.

Phase 4.


Getting feedback is extremely important and we involve our clients in the process as early as possible. As soon as we have our first draft, we will let you listen to it. This way we can change things early in the process instead of going back and forth with a totally finished product. This usually results in irritation between parties and takes much longer than needed. If you have feedback we will implement it, if not, we did a really good job! As soon as everything is finished we will help you implement the audio if needed.

Value Based Licensing.

Instead of having standard licenses with a lot of small print, made up because of a lack of trust between parties, we’d rather start from a point where we value each other’s time, skills and products.

Without trust, a collaboration isn’t worth much. If we believe in your game and you believe in us, we can negotiate a license that is based upon trust and value. We see working together as an investment in each other, so if you are on a tight budget, there are ways to stay within your budget and still get custom music.

For instance: for a project we did we couldn’t agree on a price for our products, however, we really believed in this project so we negotiated a deal that with an x number of sales, our initial payment would be paid again. This way we invest in you and you invest in us.

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