Project Details.

Counter Clash

An Epic Adventure
Lead religious zealots, spiritual nomads, or scientific warmongers in a fast-paced, tactical strategy game. Discover different troop combos, counters, and environmental hazards to crush the opposition!
Project Type

PC Game



Project Manager

Bram Janssen



The mission:
Counter Clash is a true passion project from Bram Janssen, an indie game developer. He developed a game that immerses players in an epic adventure where they have to build factions and conquer lands. He wanted the music and sounds to capture this feeling, so he could deliver his players the complete experience. 

The impact:
With a ‘no cure no pay’ deal and our vision on value based licensing, we have managed to create something beautiful out of a tight budget. He now has a game which he is very proud of. The value of his game increased, not only for his players, but also sentimentally. 

The outcome:
As Bram developed an epic adventure game, we embarked on an epic musical adventure ourselves. We started with a theme that would suit the wishes Bram gave us. We picked the right instruments for the job and composed an epic soundtrack that embodies the spirit of the game. On one hand it had to give a feeling of conquering and adventure, on the other hand a feeling of mystery and exploring.

What we provided:

  • A dynamic, loopable, fully customizable soundtrack that captures the feeling of the game
  • Faction and victory/defeat sounds that harmonize with the soundtrack
  • Sfx and implementation
  • Value based licensing and quick results
How We Worked

The Full Story

About The Client

Bram is an indie game developer that created Counter Clash to launch his career in game development. He worked hard and tirelessly on this project in order to get noticed and measure his potential for the gaming industry. He designed a truly awesome game that is both addictive and fun. A genuine, enjoyable gaming experience. As he cannot create music himself he had two options: stock music or bespoke music. He understands the importance of having high-end audio, but also knows the struggles of working on a tight budget. 

The Process

At first the demo contained stock music for the soundtrack. We understand a lot of indie game developers do this. It’s cheaper and there is a lot of really good stock music out there. To be fair, the soundtrack sounded great! But it did miss something, something his passion project did have. Something you can’t put your finger on, but something you can feel. Initially, Bram didn’t want us to create a full soundtrack at all, but only wanted us to create extra themes and factions sounds, with SFX and possible implementation.

Understandable, you are happy with the soundtrack you already have and especially don’t want to spend extra money on something you don’t know you are going to like. However, we believed in Counter Clash and offered a ‘no cure no pay’ deal. We composed a soundtrack in a single day and sent him the results. If he didn’t like it, he could have said no. However in a few hours we got a reaction: – “It’s freaking awesome. I actually don’t have any feedback whatsoever. It suits the game perfectly. I just played the game with the new music in the background, and it works really well.” – . It was bullseye! The music screamed Counter Clash and we started negotiating on how we can make this work.

Collaboration involves trust, believing and investing in each other. By negotiating a value based license, where we see the value of our clients and vice versa, we have created a deal that gives Bram breathing room and in turn values our skills and expertise. We wanted this game to perform well, so we created something that will make it perform well. It’s an investment from both Bram to us, and from us to him.

The Results

The demo of Counter Clash is now available on Steam. He gave us two weeks to create a soundtrack and extra themes/sounds, on which we delivered. Bram didn’t go over his budget and is extremely happy with the end result. His players will have a much more immersive experience and the value of his game has increased. He can now show the world what he is capable of and we are happy to have taken part in his journey. 


The Trailer